Gin moku

Créateur de bonsaïs français

Ginmoku Bonsai, the money tree
Siret: 900 743 378 00011 / 38640 Claix

Photographs: Ginmoku Bonsai & Hugo Dureisseix

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Book: Technical guide and philosophy

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Enhancement of spaces through bonsai  

The enhancement of workspaces, shops or places of passage makes a real difference in the memory that we take with us.

In this idea, Gin moku offers you quality bonsai , to embellish and decorate your spaces, that you are tradesmen or professionals.

We help you choose remarkable trees from our private collection , in accordance with the setting, the season, or simply your tastes, and we take care of creating an appropriate atmosphere that will bring serenity and aesthetics to your spaces.
Of course, we take care of everything (installation, watering, bearings, etc.).

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it, and to request a quote!

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Book: Technical guide and philosophy

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Gin moku is also a complete book on the art of bonsai : history, basic rules, different codified styles, philosophy, ethics and very concrete examples.

This work is the result of hundreds of hours of preparation, study, research and questioning, traditional learning and personal understanding. It poses the essential to obtain a quality work .
A complete and rare summary in the West.

We will soon be offering our book, at the beginning of 2023, which is currently in the works at our publisher...

Small A4 size. 200/250p. colors.

Courses and workshops

Acquiring and understanding the basics of bonsai can be long and sometimes complex.

​We offer beginner courses (face-to-face or videoconference) addressing the essential points for the well-being of your small tree (basics, cultivation, maintenance, watering, etc.).

For more experienced amateurs , we also offer more technical workshops (face-to-face or videoconference) to rethink, work, correct, repot, or shape trees.

Our workshops combine practice, theory and philosophy , for an optimal understanding of the link with the tree .